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Pemberton is a place like no other.

Pemberton is a unique paradise that offers the perfect mix of energetic, outdoor lifestyle and laid-back, West Coast attitude. It is a place where farmers, ranchers and cowboys hang out at coffee shops with mountain bikers, business men and soccer moms. Once called the fastest growing community in Canada, Pemberton is much more than Whistler’s neighbouring community with its own distinctive culture and style.

The Whistler Real Estate Company Ltd. has been providing full real estate services in the Whistler and Pemberton areas since 1978 and opened the doors of its Pemberton branch in 1997. For forty years The Whistler Real Estate Company Limited has helped thousands of people bring their dreams to reality. We have been consistently ranked the number one real estate company in Whistler and Pemberton throughout those long years, and with good reason.

Like so many others who came for a season but stayed for a lifetime, the professionals at The Whistler Real Estate Company fell in love with the endless possibilities that Pemberton presents. They are true locals who live, work, and play year-round in the community.

The Whistler Real Estate Company has always backed up its commitment to the community with contributions to organizations, events, and causes that make Pemberton a better place for both residents and visitors. It is that personal approach and love of Pemberton that has kept us on top.

With 40 plus sales advisors and a group of dedicated, full-time Pemberton specialists, we offer the perfect balance of knowledge, enthusiasm and expertise.

With intimate, insiders’ knowledge of every aspect of Pemberton’s complex and ever-changing real estate market, our first-class sales and support staff are dedicated to delivering unparalleled personal service. From the finest luxury accommodations to single-family homes, multi-acre ranches to out-of-the-way lake cabins and everything in-between, The Whistler Real Estate Company Limited can meet all your real estate needs.

Whatever your real estate needs, we are excited to be your real estate partner and look forward to serving you in the future.