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10 Low-Cost Tips to Help you Sell your Pemberton Home for More

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Home improvements are not cheap and when you’re looking to sell there is a fine line between what will actually impact the value of your property.

As a seller the last thing you want to do is pour money into a renovation hoping to increase your home valuation, only to find out that the new price doesn’t cover your initial outlay. With that in mind, we asked our agents for some low or no-cost steps that will help your valuation and not break the bank!

Deep Clean

It may sound obvious, but a good deep clean has a massive impact on how your property comes across. While you may be tempted to go the DIY route, we highly recommend getting a professional cleaner who will take extra care and not overlook the little things.

If your home has been on the market for a while, we’d also recommend scheduling a regular clean to help it maintain that sparkle.


This is a must when looking to sell – your home doesn’t need to look completely bare, but a good decluttering will make it appear more spacious and well maintained. This allows buyers to focus on the space as opposed to your things, and also helps them picture themselves in the property.

Get Windows Cleaned

Windows are an area that buyers will often pay special attention to, whether they’re concerned about drafts, noise, light, or even the condition of them. Having them cleaned inside and out will ensure that they look their best when prospective buyers are inspecting them.

Open all Curtains and Blinds

Now that you’ve cleaned your windows it’s time to let in that natural light! This is one of the easiest steps and helps to create a better feeling of space within your property. If you have large or outdated curtains, it’s also a good idea to remove them altogether.

Circulate Fresh Air

While airing out your home may not feel especially energy-efficient, it’s essential to get rid of that stale indoor air. It doesn’t have to be for long but a fresher smelling home will be more inviting to buyers as bad odours can sometimes be a dealbreaker!

Polish Floors

Replacing hardwood floors is a big expense, especially when you’re just looking to sell. However, having them polished or refinished is a fraction of the cost and will help your floors shine through without having to replace them!

Fresh Flowers

A simple flower arrangement can add that finishing touch to your property. By placing them in common areas such as the kitchen or entryway, it will help give your home that inviting feeling when buyers are viewing.

Integrate Colour into your Decoration

When selling your property it’s best to stick to a more neutral colour palette to appeal to a wider range of buyers. However, incorporating little pops of colour here and there will really help your home stand out and add a touch of personality.

Seasonal Curb Appeal

Adding little touches to the outside of your home can also add a bit more personality. The best way is to take inspiration from the season and decorate accordingly – think Christmas lights, pumpkins, or colourful plants or deck chairs.

Take New Photos

Now that you’ve done all this hard work, hire a professional photographer to take new listing pictures that reflect your home in its best possible light. This is also a good idea if your home has been on the market for a while – no one wants to look at winter pictures if it’s the middle of summer.


For more information on selling your home in Pemberton, get in touch with one of our Realtors.

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