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10 Quick Tips about Pemberton

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More and more people are discovering the Pemberton Valley. Not far from Vancouver and just north of Whistler, Pemberton is a charming, bustling town full of spirit and sunshine that has remained off the beaten path for many British Columbians for some time. As Pemberton and the surrounding area become more popular for tourists and those of us looking to move and start fresh, here are 10 quick tips to give you a crash course on one of BC’s diamonds in the rough!

Active lifestyle

The possibilities are quite literally endless. With so many activities and pastimes to choose from, everyone is sure to have a good time in Pemberton. Lots of locals enjoy hiking, mountain biking and water sports at the nearest lakes like swimming, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, canoeing, fishing as well as white water rafting and jet boating—and that only covers the summer months!

Snow fun

In the winter, Pemberton is chock-full of its share of backcountry experiences. North of Highway 99, there are acres and acres of backcountry possibilities for all the skiers, boarders, mountaineers, snow-shoers, cross-country skiers and snowmobilers. 

Lake country

The Pemberton Valley really is lake country. From the close-to-home One Mile lake to Joffre Lakes—a popular destination with beautiful turquoise water less than an hour from town—there are tons of great options to choose from when it comes to living the lake life. If you’re looking to find some trails, stop for a swim, or take the boat for a spin and throw out your lines, there is definitely a lake for you. Do some fishing at Birkenhead, waterski at Anderson or find your favourite trail at Mosquito & Ivey Lake.

Culinary cuisine

The close proximity to a booming, quality agriculture industry has had its effect on the restaurants in Pemberton—with fresh ingredients, from farm to table, every dish is going to be delicious. Mile One Eating House delivers consistent comfort food that never disappoints, while The Pony satisfies a wide range of tastes, plus, Barn Nork serves up authentic Thai food and is always highly regarded among locals and tourists alike.


When we say it has it all, we mean it. Pemberton has two stunning golf courses surrounded by mountains and full of breath-taking views (disclaimer: we’re not responsible for any additional strokes to your golf game caused by the incredible scenery). The Meadows offers a par 72, 18-hole resort-style golf course south of Mt Currie, while the Big Sky Golf and Country Club offers an unforgettable experience just outside Pemberton.

All organic

As was stated earlier, Pemberton has a budding farming community with a selection of u-pick farms that allow you to pick your own fresh grub, like the strawberries, raspberries and season veggies at North Arm Farm. They also offer farm lunches, as well as tours for those looking to get into the business or are just curious to know more.

Horse heaven

The rolling green hills and wide-open pastures of the Pemberton Valley are home to plenty of horses. There are a ton of great options for horseback riding tours, with a variety of experiences offered by the Adventure Ranch, Pemberton Stables or Copper Cayuse Outfitters. Tours range from two hours to two or more days and accommodate all types of riders from beginners to experienced.

Closer than you think

Clocking in at a scenic two hours and nine minutes from Vancouver city centre, and only a half-hour drive from Whistler, Pemberton is a lot closer than most people think. There are a lot of options that make Pemberton accessible by bus, too, and if you decide to drive, there are plenty of memorable places to stop along the way.

Hot, hot, hot

Pemberton is the ultimate summer hot spot. Temperatures consistently hit high 20’s and get into the 30’s in the summer months. After a winter of rainy days in Vancouver, or snow in the interior, Pemberton is the go-to destination for outdoor activities that depend on sunshine. Bonus: there are a few hot springs located around Pemberton, if you’re visiting anytime and want your dose of high temperatures, check out Keyhole, Sloquet or Skookumchuck.

Sound market

Pemberton’s real estate market is much more low-key and nuanced compared to the surrounding areas of Whistler and Vancouver. Housing prices are affordable and there is a lot of value found in the properties for sale. Because of the interest in similar types of real estate found south in Whistler and Squamish, Pemberton is still an undiscovered gem, with a lot of investment potential.


If you are currently looking at buying or selling a property in Pemberton, get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide all the information you need!