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4 Reasons Pemberton is in the Headlines Right Now

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With Pemberton being deemed a real estate hot spot in the Sea to Sky Corridor, it’s no surprise its name has been making its way into your digital headlines. When it comes to living in Pemberton, it has something for everyone. When it comes to work, play, and affordability, it’s got a perfect balance. Pemberton’s making itself so well-known for all the right reasons. Let’s look at the four factors that are driving all the excitement.


2015 Tiyata Blvd

Pemberton is perfectly situated away from the busy life of the city, while still enjoying all the amenities that you might need despite being a small town. Internet, health care, personal services and schooling are all easily accessible. At the same time, however, values within the community are the lowest in the Sea to Sky Corridor making it accessible for a wide range of buyers. The average transaction value is approximately $550,000, but it still offers a full range of single-family homes and condominiums, as well as hobby farms in the area. Pemberton does not disappoint when it comes to the value vs. lifestyle vs. options.

New Developments

Sunstone Development

Over the years, Pemberton has seen a number of new developments in town that have attracted buyers’ attention. This includes a larger range of opportunities for those looking for condominiums at Orion, vacant lots at The Ridge, and some incredible property options in both Sunstone and Tiyata.  ­­

While other areas have seen their growth slow, Pemberton has been able to add to its current offering, providing great choices for buyers looking to find their dream property. As demand for this area increases, the Whistler Real Estate Company is looking forward to future townhouse developments that are in the works, as well as other exciting projects in the area.

To find out more about Pemberton developments, head here.

Slower, Relaxed Lifestyle

Mile One Lake

If you’ve been to Pemberton, we’re sure you noticed one of two things: it’s beautiful mountain setting and the generous hospitality of its residents. With a hub of recreation opportunities, you’re never far from hiking, mountain biking, lakes, golf courses (they have two!) and any other outdoor pursuit you can think of. While many people come here to enjoy having the great outdoors at their doorstep, it is the incredible sense of community that entices you to stay. The slower pace lifestyle that draws all of its residents means you’ll easily make friends at the local farmer’s market or at any one of its incredible events. It also means that with so many like-minded individuals in it’s vast space, Pemberton is no brainer when it comes to starting up a business – take the Beer Farmers as an example.

Wherever you choose to live in Pemberton you will find breathtaking mountain views and a sense of bliss and belonging in a simpler and quieter community.


2020 PNE Prize Home

PNE Prize Home 2020

Pemberton is so great, it was even chosen as this year’s PNE Prize HOME

The 3,188-square-foot, Net Zero Ready three-bedroom home is valued at more than $2 million and will be situated in the beautiful Sunstone development.

“We always try to find a really cool, unique spot that tells a story,” Jeff Strickland, PNE vice-president said. “Our guests have been asking us to look to the Whistler corridor area. There’s a lot of positive feedback for the Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton area.”


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