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5 Reasons to Check out the Pemberton Farmers’ Market

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Pemberton Farmers’ Market is a summer staple. It brings the local community and farmers together in a wonderful setting all for the love of food and crafts.

It’s about the best-quality local produce, brought to you fresh by the healthy and sustainable farming community of the Pemberton area. Every week people gather underneath the community barn to enjoy the best Pemberton has to offer in the way of food, crafts and art.

  1. All summer and more

One of the best things about Pemberton Farmers’ Market is that it lasts all summer and into autumn! Taking place every Friday from May 27-October 7, you can enjoy fresh, local produce right on your doorstep.

The long market season also gives plenty of time to stock up for the winter. Get those freezers packed with blueberries and veggies and you can enjoy the spoils of summer year round!

  1. Rain or shine

The barn, hand built by the local community, provides a cosy setting for the market come rain or shine.

Whereas revellers at the Whistler Farmer’s Market will get rather damp should the heavens decide to open, visitors to the Pemberton Market can enjoy shelter from the rain.

  1. It’s got everything

The market is great because it simply has everything. You can find arts and crafts, music performers, wonderful local produce and lots of little treats.

It is important to come hungry because you will want to eat everything you see, whether it’s Hare’s Farm organic blueberries or some of Nidhi’s Cuisine.

Many people come to the market to stock up on organic veggies from the local farms such as North Arm. At their stall you can find everything you need for a great, healthy meal and you will find yourself coming away with much more than you planned to!

  1. Everyone’s there

Pemberton has a great community spirit and the farmers’ market is one of the best places to see that in action. The chances are you will know someone, if not most of the people there. It’s a great place to get together and have a catch up, whilst enjoying the local produce.

The market is as much about the shopping experience as it is about being social. Those that live in Pemberton feel lucky that they have such a close-knit community and the market is a great example of this at work.

  1. Unique experience

The Pemberton Farmers’ Market is a unique experience compared to the other local markets. It feels much more local and social in many ways.

If you want to avoid the crowds of Whistler and still get the same great produce, this is the best place to go. There is no pushing and shoving, just a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and a love of great produce.


The Pemberton Farmers’ Market is on every Friday from May 27- October 7, 3:00pm – 6:30pm, at the Community Barn at 438 Frontier Street in downtown Pemberton.