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7 Reasons to Raise a Family in Pemberton

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People always talk about Pemberton as the place where Whistlerites go to grow up and raise a family. If you’ve ever been to Pemberton you can understand exactly why!

The town is located in the valley below Mt. Currie which provides an incredible backdrop to your daily life. Add to that its location, wealth of activities and lifestyle and you have yourself a winning formula for the perfect family life.

Check out our 7 reasons for raising a family in Pemberton:

  1. The quiet life

Things are generally a bit quieter in Pemberton than in neighbouring Whistler and with a family, whatever the age, that is exactly what you crave.

To be able to relax and enjoy some peace in amongst the chaos of raising kids is just what Pemberton offers.

  1. Local schools

One of the most important things for a family deciding where to live is the local schools. Pemberton offers a great selection of schools which you can read about HERE.

  1. Lifestyle

Out of all the things that make Pemberton attractive to families, the lifestyle is probably the biggest draw. Ask anybody and they will tell you that there is a certain way of life in Pemberton.

With incredible views, tons of local amenities including rich farmland, and a huge variety of year-round activities the Pemberton way of life is certainly one to envy.

  1. Activities

Where to start? Hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, fishing, sledding, skating – the list goes on. There is something for everyone no matter what age. Growing up here gives kids the opportunity to truly enjoy the outdoors and what it has to offer.

You will always find fun activities to keep you occupied on any given day rain, snow or shine!

  1. Location

Located just a 30 minute drive north of Whistler and only another 2 hours to Vancouver, the town offers a not-too-far-removed but remote feel. Families can enjoy the quiet of the town whilst still being able to venture to the city or Whistler on occasion.

The location is also what gives the town its wonderful farmland and great local produce – something every growing family needs!

  1. Real estate

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to real estate in Pemberton and you will be pleased to see your money go further. There are plenty of affordable family homes to be found, many of which come with land to expand on, grow on or simply enjoy.

  1. Community

The community here is a rare one. With a permanent population of around 2,200 you are always sure to see a familiar face. Everyone is friendly and welcoming and it is a wonderful place for your children to grow up.


You can check out our current Pemberton properties HERE.