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7 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

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As anyone who has ever experienced a snowy Halloween can attest to, the transition from fall to winter can be pretty abrupt.

With little warning, those crunchy multicoloured leaves will be covered under a blanket of snow – will you be ready?

Preparing for winter involves lugging out the winter jackets and swapping out sandals for snow boots in the front hall closet, but it also means getting your property ready for a season of harsh conditions. Here’s what you need to do now in order to get your home in winter-ready shape.

Test Your Home’s Efficiency

If your winter utility bill makes you want to cry, consider hiring a certified energy advisor to assess your home’s energy efficiency. The advisor will help you identify, among other things, where your house is leaking air. A small investment today could translate into big savings this winter and for many years to come.

Prevent Rodent Mishaps

Rodents and other pests are not uncommon in this area and this time of year they’re looking for a warm, dry place to call home. Invite a pest control expert to perform an audit of your home to fix the problem before it happens. Don’t forget to clean up your deck, porch, and other outdoor living areas, as these often serve as the perfect gateway for rodents.

Check Up on Your Furnace

This is the best time to get your furnace serviced to make sure that it’s in tip top shape, and to avoid any disastrous melt downs on the coldest day of the year. Even swapping our old filters for new ones can have a significant impact on your furnace’s efficiency.

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Clear Your Gutters

Pile ups of dead leaves + icy build ups = disaster. There is a good chance that your gutters are presently clogged with fallen leaves, sticks, and other debris. Clean them now to prevent icy mishaps this winter.

Address Those Back Burner Jobs

If you’re like most of us, there are a few handyman-type jobs that you’ve been putting off getting done. Well, now is the time to take care of them. Easy fixes around the house suddenly become much more difficult when there is snow and ice to contend with, so get them done now – no excuses.

Inspect Your Windows

Windows can be a weak point for many properties, as they serve as a potential entryway for cold air and moisture. Take some time to inspect the windows in your home. Is it time to re-caulk them? You might even consider replacing them, which will lower your energy bill and increase the value of your home. Mold around the windowsill or moisture around the windows is a sign that it’s time to make some changes.

Don’t forget to inspect your window coverings. Heavy drapes and curtains can help you retain heat in the cold winter months, so consider swapping out airy summer window coverings.

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Upgrade Your Thermostat

The latest technology in thermostats will help you stay comfortable efficiently by only heating the rooms you use and lowering the heat during the day while you’re away. This is a simple and inexpensive upgrade that has a big impact.