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Choosing Where to Live in Pemberton

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where to live in pemberton

So you’ve decided to live in Pemberton. It really is a wonderful place and you will not be disappointed.

But, there are so many great places to live in Pemberton it can be hard to choose. Each area offers its own individual lifestyle and feel and you may not know which is for you.

That’s where we come in! We’ve put together a little guide to help you work out exactly where you want to live in Pemberton. Enjoy!

The Village

Located just a short 30 minute drive north of Whistler, the village of Pemberton sits in a valley below the impressive Mount Currie.

The village is the heart of Pemberton with tons of amenities, cafes and restaurants. Buildings here have a distinct frontier style which fits perfectly with the pastoral setting.

There are lots of housing options in the village including some new multifamily developments. It is perfect for those wanting to be at the centre of everything whilst still enjoying the small town vibe.

The Meadows

The Pemberton Meadows are located just northwest of the village along the beautiful Lillooet River.

Here you will find incredible farm and equestrian land, along with a wide range of properties including some really impressive houses. The majority of homes here are acreages with 5+ acres of land.

The Meadows are perfect for those looking for a large house in a quiet area, not too far from the village.

owl ridge

The Glen

The Glen is Pemberton’s most popular neighbourhood and has been voted so by residents 3 years running.

Located just off Highway 99 close to the downtown area, The Glen mainly offers single-family properties on large flat lots. There are also 2 townhome complexes located here.

The area is very popular with young families, partly due to its proximity to Zurcher Park.

Birken, Devine and D’Arcy

Located further northeast of Pemberton this area is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and those who want to get into the wild.

Here you will find lakes and huge expanses of land littered with trails for hiking, biking, horse riding, off-roading and many more activities. There is a huge mix of homes in this area with cabins, houses and farms.

There is a real sense of community with the locals here and everyone is immediately made to feel welcome.

living in lillooet


This is real rustic cabin country with everything from half acre lots to sprawling estates, cottage country, working farms and waterfront properties.

As with D’Arcy and Birken there are tons of activities here from fishing, swimming, kayaking, to hiking, biking and snowshoeing.

There is feeling of being out in the wild here and its perfect for those really wishing to get away from it all.

You can find more detailed information on the Pemberton neighbourhoods HERE.