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Common Misconceptions about Selling your Property

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We’re here to break the common myths when it comes to selling your property. More specifically, if you’re looking to sell your Pemberton property there are several common misconceptions you need to be aware of. We’ve put together a list so you don’t make these mistakes when putting your house on the market.

Home Inspections are a Waste of Time

When looking at potential listings, buyers will most likely hire a home inspector to survey the property. This is especially true if they are serious about making an offer. However, just because buyers will do this doesn’t mean you should skip this process as a seller.

Having a professional inspection before listing your property will allow you to address any potential issues you may have missed. Presenting this report to prospective buyers will also provide more transparency in the process from their perspective.

It’s Best to Decline an Early Offer

It can be easy to get overwhelmed if you receive an immediate offer after listing your property. This often leads to declining the offer in order to wait for something better. However, this is not always the best choice when selling, especially if the market is operating slowly.

If the first offer you receive is reasonable and not below your list price, then you should always consider it and take it seriously.

Open houses will bring in more buyers

Open houses are proven to draw in serious buyers, however, you should be wary that a lot of people who attend will do so with absolutely no intention of making the offer and just to explore properties in the area.

As a seller, there is a lot that goes into an open house so there is a fine balance between how many you choose to do, and when you choose to do them. While most are held on weekends, most serious markets tend to peak during the week, so consider hosting one then. A good Realtor will also market your property to make the most of the time you do choose to open up your house.

Overpricing will Increase the Value of your Property

As a seller, you want to ensure you get the best possible price for your property, so it may make sense to make room for negotiation should you receive a lower offer.

It’s important to remember that your goal as a seller is to sell your property, and pricing too high may mean that you put off potential buyers from even considering your home. This can in turn lead to your property being on the market for an extended period of time, which will also put off future potential buyers.

Home improvements will always increase the value of your home

Home improvements and renovations can increase the appeal of your property and, when done right, can increase the value. However, it’s important to consider the return on investment and ensure that the improvements you make are calculated to ensure that they are worth the time and money in the long run.


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