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Deciding to Live in Pemberton

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living in pemberton

Choosing any new place to live is an exciting but daunting decision. If you are currently deciding to live in Pemberton then we’re here to help you!

Living in Pemberton is a truly incredible experience, and we’re not just saying that! If you crave the lifestyle of a mountain town, a close-nit community, great schools and tons of activities, without the crowds of a resort, then this is the place for you.

Many people from Whistler make the decision to settle down in Pemberton as it provides all of the outdoor recreation, coupled with a wonderful family environment.

Here’s some more information to help you decide:


Pemberton has its own unique lifestyle unlike that of surrounding areas. It’s really laid back, but everyone works hard and lives to enjoy the wonderful location.

Almost everywhere you stand in the town you are blessed with views of the incredible Mount Currie, which draws you in with the call of the outdoors. And speaking of outdoors, there are so many activities to keep you occupied. From backcountry skiing, snowboarding and sledding in the winter, to biking, fishing, horse-riding and more in the summer.

The lifestyle here is focussed around happiness and enjoying each day with friends, family and adventure.


Community is a big part of Pemberton. The arable farmland provides the area with rich produce that is sold in local shops and at the weekly farmers’ market – a place where the community really comes together.

Everyone in the town is incredibly friendly and welcoming and before long you will know pretty much everyone!

Events such as the Slow Food Cycle also showcase both the lifestyle and community of Pemberton, and others such as the Pemberton Music Festival highlight the worldwide attraction of the area.


Family is one of the biggest aspects of life here. Many say that Pemberton is the place where Whistlerites go to grow up and raise kids, maintaining their adventure lifestyle but enjoying more of the quiet life.

That is true, but many of those living here go back generations and although they may travel around, Pemberton is the place they come back to for family.

You can find out more information about raising a family in Pemberton HERE.


So, hopefully that has helped you gain a better perspective of life here, but if you still have questions feel free to get in touch!