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Fall in Pemberton

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Pemberton is a fantastic place throughout every season and fall is no different. As the tourists deplete in neighbouring Whistler and the local communities get ready for winter, Pemberton has so much to offer.

Whether you want to get outside and enjoy the last of the biking and hiking, stock up on fresh produce or get ready for winter, we’ve got you covered with our guide to fall in Pemberton:

Get outside

Fall in Pemberton is one of the best times to get outside and enjoy the fantastic biking and hiking trails. The summer crowds are gone and you can enjoy having the beautiful scenery to yourself.

This season is probably the best time to bike in Pemberton as the trails are packed down and free from dust.

biking fall pemberton

There will be rain

One potential downside to fall is that there will obviously be rain, but don’t let that dampen your spirits! Just throw on a waterproof and enjoy the area.

So long as you’re prepared then the rain is not a problem, in fact some of the most spectacular views can be found with low-hanging cloud against the impressive Mount Currie.

Stock up

Pemberton is famous for farming and offering a huge range of fresh organic produce from the rich land. This is the perfect chance to stock up before winter. Get your fill of fresh veggies and berries and pack your freezer for the coming months.

This way you can enjoy the wonderful offerings of the area year-round!

fall in pemberton


Huffington Post named Pemberton the best place to spend Thanksgiving in Canada. That’s warm praise but you can see why. As the Mayor of Pemberton says in the article, Thanksgiving is about food and family, which is exactly what the town encompasses.

What better place to enjoy the celebration than in our wonderful rural town. Gather with your loved ones and delight in the fresh produce of the land.

Get ready for winter

The next stage of fall is getting ready for winter. That means taking care of your garden, preparing any plants and cleaning out drains of dead leaves.

Once you’re freezer is stocked with delicious produce you can start getting excited for the months to come.

One of the biggest draws of a Pemberton winter is sledding and backcountry skiing and snowboarding. Now is a great time to make sure your sled is fully functioning, your skis are tuned and all of your backcountry gear is in working order.

You can also grab some new additions to your winter gear at a discounted price at the Whistler Turkey Sale. Find our guide for that HERE.