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Find The Right Property In Pemberton For Your Needs

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For many, moving to Pemberton offers a change of lifestyle and a chance to “get away from it all”.

Unless you are a Pemberton local, or familiar with the area, you may not know the options when it comes to finding a property here. At Pemberton Valley Real Estate, we’re here to help you find the perfect home to suit your needs.


The first thing to consider when searching for a property is the location. The Pemberton neighbourhoods are fairly spread out and each have their own feel. They range from the vibrant town centre and family-oriented cul-de-sacs, to standalone chalets and remote areas such as Birken and D’Arcy.

If you are not familiar with the area you should take the time to explore the different neighbourhoods and speak to your Realtor about which may be the best fit. Those who know Pemberton and have a specific location in mind should still aim to be open-minded and list your priorities in order to see which neighbourhoods really do meet your needs.

Your Realtor will be able to provide recommendations and, in many cases, buyers often find their dream home in a location they would never have looked!

Property Type

Property type is a huge consideration for every buyer. Whether you’re looking for a condo, a townhome, a chalet with acreage, or land to build on, Pemberton offers a huge range of options to suit your requirements.

Your property type will depend completely on your needs – do you have a family? Are you moving to the area permanently? Do you require land or a stable? Is it a second home? All of these things must be taken into consideration in order to properly narrow down your search.

Think about how you are going to use your home and speak to your Realtor about what will best suit your needs.

Needs vs Wants

In order to narrow down your search, we always advise listing your “needs” and “wants”. This will help you decide which aspects are essential and which ones are just nice to have. It will also help you choose between different neighbourhoods and property types.

Consider things like the number of bedrooms, proximity to amenities, amount of land, rental restrictions, and anything else you feel is necessary to your search. By prioritizing these needs and wants it allows you to make a more objective decision when choosing a property, and limits the possibility of making a decision based on emotions.

Making your decision

When it comes to making your decision, it is ultimately up to you. If you have done the homework you will know which home is right for you. The important thing is to reach this point logically and with an open mind.

For more information on finding a property in Pemberton, get in touch with one of our full-time, local agents!