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How to Attract Young Buyers to your Pemberton Home

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Young buyers are the way of the future, and Pemberton has always been a place that attracts young buyers. As property prices continue to increase in Vancouver and Whistler, young buyers need an alternative. One of the ways Pemberton competes with this younger market is to become increasingly attractive in offering an incredible lifestyle and affordable living.

With this increased influx of young buyers we spoke to our Realtors about things you can do to make your property more appealing to this market.

Update your Kitchen and Bathroom

Most young buyers looking for a property won’t have an additional budget to update the home once they’ve bought it. A house that has modern appliances and fixtures will be a big pull. By putting some money towards remodeling before you put your home on the market you will attract more buyers, and potentially even recoup these costs in the selling price of your property.

Use Low Maintenance Materials

Similarly, young buyers are not looking for a fixer-upper in the way past generations were. They don’t want to spend time on significant repairs or home maintenance and prefer things that will last and are easy to maintain.

Consider using low maintenance materials such as quartz countertops, full-sheet materials such as back-pained glass and quartz back sheets to eliminate grout lines for easy cleaning. You can also install vinyl, sealed concrete or hardwood floors in your kitchen and bathroom to provide the home with durable, easy to clean surfaces.

Smart Home Technology

Adding technology to a home can be very attractive to young buyers looking for the latest in home assets. A smart home ecosystem has many benefits including remote control functions, increased home security and increased energy efficiency.

Energy-efficient Appliances

Young buyers care about the environment and will even pay extra to protect it. Consider upgrading appliances designed to help reduce power consumption and reduce environmental impact.

Add a Home Office

Creating a space that will double as a home office can be attractive to young buyers as many modern companies allow staff to work remotely. Having this space ready will be a big draw to a lot of potential buyers, especially those who have side hustles to help them pay for their home!


If you need to refresh the paint in your home we recommend opting for neutral colours on walls, trim and baseboards. Colours such as light grey, cream and other soft neutrals are preferred. This neutral base will also make your home easy to stage and design while bringing a more simple sophisticated look.

Market Proximity and Walkability

Pemberton is lucky to have a very walkable community – this means that homes are near public transport, grocery stores, and local businesses. Young home buyers are very interested in homes that have a great location, so make sure you highlight this in your marketing. Promoting the active lifestyle that Pemberton has in terms of hiking and biking trails, as well as storage for toys will be beneficial to your sale.


When marketing your home make use of this asset to attract more buyer interest and potentially increase the value of your property. Get in touch with our local agents to ensure you have the best possible chance to sell your home.

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