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How to Save Money on your Utility Bill (today!)

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How to Save Money This Summer ON your Utility Bill

Saving money on your utility bill doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Even the smallest changes to your daily routine can help – and be cost effective, without breaking the bank. Whether you turn these simple, everyday suggestions into regular habits or starting planning now so you can invest in the larger energy saving tricks, it’s worth thinking about. The ultimate goal is to save money on your daily living costs all year round, but these suggestions will help you enjoy a little more of the summer now, while having a little extra pocket change left over!




Swap to Energy Saving Appliances

Most people are a little hesitant to make this investment, but when you consider it in the long run – it’s worth it. According to Fox Business, by replacing a pre-1994 washer with a newer, Energy Saver model, the average family of four can save about $110 a year on their utilities. When you take into consideration most appliances have a life span of 10-20 years, the savings add up!


Install a Programmable Thermostat

There’s no denying that a programmable thermostat can help you save money, but why. Most of the times its down to the smallest change. For every degree you raise or lower your temperature (to get it to the exact right setting for you) you can save up to 2 per cent on your utility bill. Having your house set at a consistent temperature as well will also avoid sudden cranks that would ring up the dollar signs on your monthly statement.


Upgrade Your Home Insulation

When looking at older built homes, many tend to swap between fiberglass insulation or vermiculite. That was a common practice back then, and while it still works, we are lucky enough to live in a time when technology is helping us to reduce waste while having a healthier option. Consider looking into spray foam insulation, it has a longer life span, is air-tight, helps reduce energy from escaping and can even be eco-friendly. Plus, it takes a fraction of the time to install.





Take Advantage of Your Resources

If you’ve got an Air Conditioner, why not also turn on your ceiling fan to help blow the air around. The circulation will help make it appear to be cooler, while reducing the amount of power your AC unit would need to keep things cool. This goes for natural air flow as well. Open windows and doors to allow for a more natural air flow to rid the stagnant heat.


Utilize the Sun

Instead of putting your clothes into the drier, why not hang them outside? It may take a few extra minutes of your time, but it will be worth it. On a hot summer’s day, you’ll be surprise with how quickly items will dry – and all without even spending a dime.


Block the Sun

If it’s one of those really hot, sticky days where it feels like you could bake cookies by placing them on your window sill, maybe it’s time to take action. Instead of opening up your fridge door every ten minutes, try hanging dark sheets or curtains to block the sun exposure. A simple solution that takes five minutes can reduce your heat gain by up to 33%


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