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New Year’s Resolutions, Pemberton Style

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Forget dull, clichéd New Year’s resolutions that will have inevitably fallen by the wayside come Valentine’s Day.

New Year’s resolutions – Pemberton style – are all about living large, having fun, and making the most of the incredible community and astounding backyard that we are lucky enough to have.

Here are 5 goals to inspire you to make 2016 your most adventurous year yet!

Go Winter Camping

If you live in Pemberton, you already know that winter isn’t about hibernating – it’s about playing outside. Take it to the next level by planning a cozy winter camping trip.

If you don’t already have the gear for winter camping, chances are good that a local friend or neighbour has what you need and is willing to lend it out to you. Be sure to equip yourself with a four-season tent and a sleeping bag designated for cold weather, and dress in layers!

Where you go and how long you camp for are completely up to you. If you’re new to winter camping, try an overnighter at a local hot springs – you’ll have no problem warming up if you get chilly! If you’re a backcountry day-tripper, why not plan an overnight trip in a hut?

winter camping pemberton


Whether you lend a hand at a special event in Pemberton or make an ongoing commitment throughout the entire year, volunteering is a great way to learn new skills, feel connected to the community, and meet some awesome people along the way.

Volunteering opportunities are virtually endless, and it’s pretty easy to find something that aligns with your personal interests. Music aficionados can sign up for volunteer shifts at the Pemberton Festival. Sporty types will be inspired when helping out at IronMan. Pet-lovers can lend a helping paw at the Pemberton Animal Wellbeing Society. And if you enjoy Pemberton’s trails by foot, bike, snowshoe, or any other mode of transportation, see if the Pemberton Valley Trail Association could use a little extra help.

Plant a Vegetable Garden

How lucky are we to be able to enjoy a wide variety of fresh produce from our local farms? This year, take it one step farther by growing your own vegetable garden. There are plenty of local resources to get you started – before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your own carrots, kale, spinach, radishes, and other tasty treats.

No space to grow your own vegetables? No problem – you can pump up your own veggie intake while supporting local farms by signing up for produce box deliveries. Check out Rootdown Oragnic Farm’s Harvest Box or Laughing Cow Organic’s Farm to Table Vegetable Box to get started.


Branch Out

If you live in Pemberton, you probably have an activity (or two) of choice, be it backcountry skiing, mountain biking, hiking, or something else.

This year, we challenge you to mix it up by stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something out of your ordinary routine. If you’re used to skiing downhill, mix it up by trying out cross-country skiing or by swapping out your skis for a snowboard. Love hiking? Pick up the pace and try your hand at trail running, or keep your hiking routine up in the winter by replacing your hiking boots with snow boots and snowshoes.

Be the Host With the Most

Think back on your favourite memories of 2015. We’re willing to bet that your fondest moments were made special by the people you were with. This year, make a commitment to spending more time with the people you love. Host a board game night with friends, invite out of town family to spend a weekend in your home, or host a dinner party with the neighbours who just moved in down the road.

Happy New Year’s, Pemberton!