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Why Pemberton is the Best Place to Raise a Family

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raising a family in pemberton

When choosing where to raise a family, you want to pick a location that ticks all the boxes – from quiet, friendly neighbourhoods, to local schools, lifestyle factors, and of course, real estate.

Situated just 30 minutes north of Whistler, Pemberton is a quiet mountain town offering a huge range of outdoor pursuits, and a community where everyone knows everyone.

It is often said that Whistlerites move to Pemberton when they “grow up”, but for a lot of people moving here is a lifestyle choice and a logical decision. The community is mainly made of families and is one of the safest locations in which you could imagine living.

A close-knit community

When we say everyone knows everyone, we’re not kidding! With a small population, Pemberton’s community is one of those where you see a familiar face every time you leave the house.

Talk to our local agents and they will tell you about just how safe the area is. Kids can happily play outside and you can be sure that someone is looking out for them. Each neighbourhood has its own unique feel, while retaining that “Pemberton feel”.

If moving from Vancouver you will immediately notice the friendliness of everyone as you are greeted on the street with smiles and conversation. There couldn’t be a better place to get to know everyone you live near!

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A HUGE backyard

Much like Whistler, your backyard is never ending! When you walk out your door there are endless possibilities for outdoor pursuits. From hiking and mountain biking, to sledding and backcountry skiing.

Almost every property is blessed with spectacular views of Mt. Currie. The mountains invite you to explore the outdoors and everyday is a new adventure into nature.

Wherever your interests lie there is something to keep you and your family entertained. And there are tons of community programs for your kids to get involved in. And, if that wasn’t enough, Whistler is only 30 minutes away with one of the world’s best ski resorts!

A great location

As we just mentioned, Pemberton is incredibly close to Whistler, but also offers that remote feel of a mountain town. If the crowds of the resort are too much for you, then Pemberton is the perfect spot to settle down, while still being able to take advantage of every outdoor activity.

If Whistler isn’t enough, just 2 more hours further south is the city of Vancouver, which offers all the resources of a major city, including an international airport to take you to wherever you wish!


Wonderful schools

Schools are very important for families, and Pemberton offers a great selection of local schools, including two elementary schools, a community school, a high school, and a children’s centre.

You can find out more information about Pemberton’s schools HERE. Or feel free to contact one of our local agents who will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Family oriented properties

It can sometimes be hard to find properties suited to family living, especially in neighbouring Whistler where there are many second homeowners. The majority of Pemberton properties on the other hand, are tailored for families, with multiple bedrooms, dens, and storage areas.

In addition to living spaces, most properties offer the benefit of having land, and in some cases a lot of land! This means that there is tons of room for your kids to run around and enjoy on your property – something that is hard to find in other locations.


For more information about moving to Pemberton, get in touch with one of our local agents.