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Pemberton Real Estate Q&A – Ivy Andresen

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In part of our ongoing series talking to Whistler and Pemberton Agents and staff, this week we talk to our conveyancer Ivy Andresen who is a Pemberton local.

What is it like growing up in Pemberton?

It’s really outdoor focussed, there are always lots of activities to do. Your whole life is outdoors no matter what season, and that’s really the best part of it I think. Just exploring and finding lots of special spots with your friends, little swimming holes and things like that.

How would you describe the lifestyle?

It’s very active. Everyone there is very active – you see a lot of young moms, and everyone has got a dog and they all jog everywhere! It’s a really young, family, active kind of lifestyle.

What is school like?

I think it is better than if you went to a city school because it’s so small, but not too small. It’s small enough that you get to grow up with everyone and I still have friends from when I was in grade school.

What is your favourite season and why?

I’d say spring time because all the flowers come out and it smells incredible!

How would you describe Pemberton real estate?

It varies a lot, depending on what you want there really is something for everyone. Whether you want a townhouse that’s a little more affordable or if you want the simple living lifestyle in the outlying areas like Birken and D’Arcy.

What is your favourite Pemberton activity?

I would say hiking. There are so many amazing hikes in and around Pemberton but my favourite is the waterfall on Snob Hill. If you get right to the top you can see the entire town and it’s a gorgeous waterfall.

What is the community like?

It’s really friendly and also a really safe community because everyone knows each other and everyone has your back.

Are there many events that you take part in?

The Winterfest is fantastic, everyone comes together and it’s really fun. Then obviously the Pemberton Music Festival brings new people to the area and you also get to see some incredible acts.

What made you stay?

The community really makes you stay. It’s hard to leave when you know so many people and have such a great life here.

What would you say to someone considering a move to Pemberton?

Just do it! It’s an amazing place to live.