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Pemberton Spotlight: Gingerbread Project

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pemberton gingerbread project

The Pemberton Gingerbread Project is an 11-day event, taking place in December every year, which raises funds for the Pemberton Food Bank.

The event sees local businesses, organizations, and individuals submitting their impressive gingerbread creations, all for a good cause! It’s a fantastic event where the entire community gets involved, and everyone turns out in support of the food bank.

What is it?

The Gingerbread Project is an 11-day event where competitors submit their gingerbread houses and villages to be displayed and raffled off.

Everyone is encouraged to come down to the Pemberton Valley Lodge to check out the submissions and bid for their favourites, along with bringing down non-perishable foods to be donated.

Taking part

Local businesses, organizations, and individuals can all take part by building a gingerbread house. The entrance fee is $5 and all the proceeds, including the winning bids, go towards the Pemberton Food Bank.

If you don’t want to compete, you can still come down over the 11 days to check out the event and even bid to win your favourite. Creations will be on display in the Pemberton Valley Lodge, where you can also donate your food items

The Pemberton Food Bank

As we mentioned all the proceeds from the Gingerbread Project go straight to the Pemberton Food Bank!

Over the years this event has made hugely positive contributions to the food bank, raising over $8,500 and seventeen food hampers in 2014, and $10,000 in 2015, along with twelve large food hampers.


Find out more information on the event HERE.