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Pemberton Top 5 Hidden Gems

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pemberton hidden gems

In many ways Pemberton itself is a hidden gem – located just 30 minutes north of Whistler it sees far less traffic despite its incredible beauty and range of activities.

For those who know the area it is full of fantastic scenery, backcountry adventures, and a welcoming community. The more time you spend in the area the more you discover, and you can’t go wrong taking in the sights and better known activities.

But for those looking for something a little off the beaten track, we spoke to our local realtors about some of their favourite hidden gems.

Explore the Pemberton Ice Caves

The Pemberton Ice Cap is the southernmost icefield of the five located in BC. Those who go sledding in the Pemberton backcountry will be very familiar with the area, but for the uninitiated, it is like another world!

Each year caves and tunnels are formed by melting water along the bed of the glacier. Underneath, visitors are treated to enchanting natural ice sculptures as they walk from one grand hall to the next.

For the most extravagant way to take in the caves, visit Head Line Mountain Holidays.

Take a hike to Tenquille Lake

Tenquille Lake is one of the lesser known hikes in Pemberton, partly down to a rough access road to the trailhead. But once you’re there the hike is fairly easy.

Here you will find great alpine views along with beautiful alpine flowers early in the season. There is also a cabin, which has a wood-burning stove and sleeps eight people!

Ride Tower of Power

With so much mountain biking on the North Shore, Squamish and in Whistler, riders are somewhat spoilt for choice and may not have heard of mountain biking in Pemberton.

But, there are some truly incredible trails further up the 99. We have chosen Tower of Power as one of our favourite lesser-known spots (although you can’t go wrong which ever route you take!). Find out more information here!

Camp along Lillooet Lake

Located just north of Pemberton, along the In-shuck-ch Forest Service Road, Lillooet Lake is a beautiful, far reaching expanse of water. There are many hidden gems to be discovered on this road as it loops round towards Harrison Hot Springs.

It is well worth mentioning that this is a logging road and as such you should have a car prepared to take on a few bumps! That being said, it is well worth the trip and the further you explore, the more surprises you find.

Camp by the water, or discover the hot springs of Skookumchuck or Sloquet, you will not be disappointed!

Go to Keyhole Hot Springs

Otherwise known as Pebble Creek, Keyhole Hot Springs is located north of Pemberton along a fairly accessible logging road. Here the water flows naturally and changes colour with the seasons. Find out more details in our guide to Pemberton Hot Springs.