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September in Pemberton

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Similar to neighbouring Whistler many view Pemberton as a winter destination for backcountry snow sports, or a summer destination for camping, lakes and the famous Pemberton Music Festival.

Those unfamiliar with Pemberton may not know what goes on during spring or fall, so we’re here to enlighten you!

September in Pemberton is a fantastic time, as the scorching heat of summer subsides, you can enjoy more activities outside, the fall colours bring immense beauty, and everyone reaps the rewards of the harvest.


During the summer months Pemberton can get incredibly hot, with temperatures upwards of 30 degrees. This means that anyone wanting to get outside and be active may have a tougher time than they think!

Moving into September and fall, the temperatures become a lot more comfortable, and it is well known that fall is the best time for mountain biking in Pemberton!

As well as biking, it’s also a great time to go hiking and see the wonderful fall colours in the valley.


Pemberton is known for it’s arable land and abundance of farms, so when it comes to September it is harvest time for locals and everyone gets to reap the rewards.

As the farms collect their final crops before the winter it’s also time for the last farmers’ markets of the season. So if you haven’t already, you should definitely head down to the market and take the opportunity to stock up on produce for the winter.

Prepare for winter

Fall is a time of work and preparation in Pemberton. It’s a time for locals to prepare their gardens and homes for winter months.

As most properties here come with a piece of land, it is important to maintain this and ensure that once the snow melts your garden is in the best possible shape. You will also find that most people own a very large freezer and fall is the time to fill it!

Everyone takes the opportunity to stock up on local produce and make preserves for the winter. There is a really great sense of community around this time and it perfectly showcases one of the wonderful things about day-to-day life in Pemberton.