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The Best Pemberton Bike Trails

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Pemberton has some of the best bike trails on offer, with routes to accommodate all abilities and preferences.

The trails are spread across three areas – One Mile Lake, Mosquito Lake and Mackenzie. Each area offers a mix of XC, singletrack and downhill with levels ranging from intermediate to advanced and expert.

There are also a wide range of beginner green runs and all trails can be found on Pemberton’s trail map. Or alternatively ask one of the local bike shops for an up to date map.

To get you started we asked our local Realtor’s for their recommendations:

One Mile Lake Area

Located a kilometre south of Pemberton, the One Mile Lake area offers a range of beginner to advanced riding across x-country and all-mountain trails.

All trails here are very well signed and easily combined into larger loops.

Lumpy’s Epic

Lumpy’s Epic is one of the most popular trails here and is a very technical and challenging trail. Its popularity stems from some fantastic riding across slabs and roller-coaster descents, coupled with incredible views of the Green River and Mt Currie.


Newsflash is a relatively new intermediate trail and is a great up track, for those who love to climb! There are switchbacks, short steep sections and the entire route is singletrack.

The route is often used in a loop with Lumpy’s Epic and provides access to a number of other trails.

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Mackenzie Area

Located east of Pemberton, the Mackenzie Area has had a lot of work done to make it accessible to all abilities and as a result has an incredible selection of beginner to expert all-mountain riding.

The area also plays host to the fantastic Nimby 50.


Bathtub is a fun beginner singletrack trail which follows the Lillooet River. There is no elevation gain and perfect for those wanting a taste of Pemberton’s singletrack.

When ridden in the evening riders are treated to wonderful light that breaks through the trees. It is also known as a great place for bear sightings!

Overnight Sensation

Overnight Sensation is a true Pemberton classic that will make you fall in love with biking all over again. The trail can be accessed by climbing the Nimby, or shuttled if you choose.

The trail has tons of flow and a huge range of features for riders to enjoy. Possibly the best Pemberton trail!

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Mosquito Lake Area

Located next to the Mackenzie Area, Mosquito Lake is a large trail network offering a huge selection of intermediate to expert x-country, all-mountain and downhill trails.

Due to the lower elevation, Mosquito Lake becomes accessible much earlier in the year and is the go-to place for spring mountain biking.

Cream Puff

Cream Puff is a challenging but incredibly fun all-mountain trail, with tricky technical sections and heart-racing downhill.

This trail eases you in to a few of the more difficult Mosquito Lake trails and has some truly enjoyable features. For any advanced rider in the area, Cream Puff is a must!

No Err

No Err is an intermediate trail that offers the perfect introduction to Pemberton’s bike trails. Riders will love the short slab sections and fun downhill portions.

No Err can be ridden as a warm up for more difficult riding, or combined in a loop with a number of other trails. Try this trail before moving on to more difficult areas.



For a more detailed overview of each individual Pemberton trail, including locations, check out Bike Pirate.