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The Best Resources for Discovering Pemberton

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Located north on Highway 99, a short drive past Whistler, is the municipality of Pemberton. Neatly nestled in the Pemberton Valley, more and more people are calling the charming little town of ~2,500 people home. Some people trade Whistler’s hustle and bustle for the laid-back and purely outdoorsy lifestyle that Pemberton offers, while others have been here their whole lives—without even thinking of leaving.

If moving to Pemberton is on your mind, or you may visit soon, or you’re simply exploring your investment options, it’s important to get the full story. While the town itself is on the small side, the uniqueness of the community and its people, along with the vastness of the Valley, are almost unlimited. Here are a few resources that will help you conquer Pemberton’s learning curve.

Tourism Pemberton

The Tourism Pemberton website is the best place to start when familiarizing yourself with the town’s potential. The website contains everything from business listings, frequently asked questions, maps, where to stay, the most popular activities during every season, as well as local news coverage and an events bulletin.


The Official Village of Pemberton website is a bit more focused on the municipality itself, but you will still find pretty much anything you’re looking for, at this helpful online home. You’re able to browse current development applications, learn about zoning and bylaw info, read the Pemberton news, find contact information, explore municipal services and more.


Pemberton’s TripAdvisor profile is a good place to get the down low on the activities that are most appealing to you—plus, you can help out others curious about Pemberton by leaving your own reviews. With thousands of reviews regarding accommodations, things to do and where to eat, TripAdvisor is essential to the early stages of making plans.

Pemberton Valley Lodge

Considered the #1 place to stay in Pemberton, and lauded as an alternative option to staying in Whistler, Pemberton Valley Lodge pride themselves on being Pemberton know-it-alls—in a good way! Their blog posts cover everything from skydiving to first-hand reviews about the best hikes in the area, plus, they have a strong social media presence which means you know you’re getting up-to-date information.

Pemberton Valley Real Estate

And, of course, last but not least, if you’re looking to move to Pemberton or just come by for a visit (it’s worth dipping your toes in our glacier lake water). We work hard to provide our clients with resources that will help them better understand Pemberton and the Valley way of life. Check out our blog for more information and please don’t hesitate to get in touch!