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Top 5 Hikes in Pemberton

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Pemberton is known as a top-notch year-round outdoor recreation destination. Sports enthusiasts, tourists, and outdoorsy folk often visit Pemberton during the summer months to indulge in everything from biking, camping, golfing and horseback riding to rafting, jet boating, swimming, and of course hiking.

The trails in Pemberton are among the best in BC, offering hikers world-class views and stunning wildlife. Explore Pemberton the way nature intended, with this list of the best hikes in town!

  1. Nairn Falls (easy)

Time: 1.5 hours

Round-Trip: 3km

Elevation Gain: 1.5km

Nairn Falls, located along the Sea To Sky Highway, is a nice, short hike to a beautiful waterfall. The trail follows alongside the river, providing hikers of all fitness levels with a scenic walk and bubbling background noise. Hangout and have a snack by the falls, but be sure to bring your camera as the photogenic falls are worth showing to friends!


  1. Shadow Lake (easy)

Time: 2 hours

Round-Trip: 5km

Elevation Gain: minimal

Shadow Lake is a hidden gem! Countless cars pass by the lake, which is hidden from view less than 100 meters from the highway. This is an easy walk with a big reward; the contrast between the mountains and the marshy shores of Shadow Lake make this view uniquely beautiful. Pro tip: Upon finding a fork in the trail, head left to a viewpoint along the Green River Trail to take in a view that will leave you speechless.


  1. Joffre Lakes (intermediate)

Time: 4 hours

Round-Trip: 10km

Elevation Gain: 370 meters

Joffre Lakes is a fairly well-known hike in Pemberton. Its popularity is due to the fact that it’s one of BC’s most accessible and most beautiful hikes. The trail takes hikers by three lakes, eventually reaching a campsite next to Upper Joffre Lake. The hike gives tourists and locals the opportunity to experience incredible alpine scenery without a gruelling trek into the backcountry. Enjoy this route in a day hike, or get comfy and stay the night.


  1. Blowdown Creek Trail (intermediate)

Time: 5 hours

Round-Trip: 15km

Located off the Sea to Sky Highway, Blowdown Creek Trail is a little-known local favourite. The hike is on gravel road, but leads explorers up to fields of heather and alpine flowers, as well as a lake and the abandoned Silver Queen mine site. Despite having a few steeper parts, the hike is worth the work as there are spectacular views of Blowdown Lake and the surrounding mountains along the way. Can’t get enough? Stay at the campsite at the Lake for a night or two, just be sure to watch out for grizzlies!


  1. Tenquille Lake (advanced)

Round-Trip: 24km

One of the oldest hiking routes in the Valley, this historic route will take you to Tenquille Lake and an alpine trail network beyond. Early 20th Century miners used pack-horse routes to reach this subalpine region. There is no doubt that this region is one of the best destinations for experienced hikers! The beginning of the trail is quite challenging, beginning with a short, steep grade through a clearcut. However once hikers reach the trees, the incline is moderate or easy for the remainder of the hike through lush alpine meadow painted with flowers.