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Top Factors that Attract Home Buyers?

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When looking to sell a property in Pemberton, or anywhere for that matter, it’s always useful to utilize data and statistics to optimize your marketing strategy. This can be anything from market data and trends, to analyzing buyer behaviour to determine interests.

We spoke to our Realtors to find out more information about their buyer leads and, more specifically, the top factors that seem to attract more buyers. Here are our findings:

Good Quality Pictures

For the majority of people, searching for a home now begins online. A good web presence is essential, and property photos are the first touch point for potential buyers making high quality listing pictures incredibly important.

Good listing photos can be the difference between a buyer coming to view your property and immediately ruling it out of their search. And if you do not have photos then you can pretty much guarantee that your property will be discounted, unless it offers something else such as an attractive price point.

Accurate and Engaging Descriptions

A property description should be attention grabbing and engaging. Attention spans on the web are especially slow so you need to draw the buyer in as quickly as possible.

The amount of content you write is key. Not enough content is a red flag, and too much can be off putting to read. Shorter, two-paragraph descriptions are becoming very popular now. However, we have noticed that luxury listings tend to have longer descriptions as these buyers tend to be very picky and can afford to spend more time researching before a viewing.

Aside from being engaging, the description must be accurate. There is nothing more off-putting than false information, and this will break a bond of trust with the potential buyer.

First Impressions

Once a buyer comes to view your property first impressions are key. You need to engage and attract the buyer before they even walk through the door. Take time to clean your garden/entrance/patio and add little touches such as plants and flowers.

Once they’re inside, make sure the property is warm and welcoming so they are comfortable and feel happy exploring.

The Right Realtor

The right Realtor is essential to attracting buyers. Not all agents are the same and they are generally better suited to different properties.

In order to find the right agent you need to speak to them and establish their credentials before engaging. Don your research to see if they are the right fit for your property, and ensure they can provide a strategy to suit your needs and your specific property.

Personal Touches

Be proactive with potential buyers and engage with them, offering personal touches where you can. Provide a friendly environment and make your property feel like a home. Offer things like tea and coffee to make your home stand out.

Creating a rapport will work wonders in the long run when it comes to offers and contracts.

For more information on selling your property in Pemberton, get in touch with one of our local Realtors!