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Watching Ironman in Pemberton

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ironman pemberton

Ironman Canada returns to Whistler and Pemberton on 26 July. Celebrating its third year in its current location, the amazing spectacle of strength and endurance attracts thousands to the area.

The race consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile run – it is a triathlon like no other. Both the swim and the marathon portion take place in Whistler, but the bike ride begins by heading south on the 99, before back north all the way to the Pemberton Meadows.

The athletes train for up to a year before the event in order to get prepared. It is an incredible spectacle to watch and the atmosphere is wonderful as everyone rides through town. The whole community comes together to cheer on these amazing competitors and spur them on to finish the race.

Be prepared

The course is beautiful throughout and although those taking part might not have a chance to stop and look, those watching can enjoy the scenery. Taking place in July it is obviously going to be very warm with temperatures that could reach over 35 degrees (95 Fahrenheit).

It’s just as important for those watching to be as prepared as those taking part. With such warm temperatures it can sometimes catch people off guard. Pack plenty of water and don’t forget to wear sunscreen, and if it gets really hot then look for some shade.

ironman pemberton

Where to watch

Everyone is encouraged to come out and support the athletes as they ride through Pemberton (after all, it’s a long race and they definitely need a boost!). The ride takes the athletes through the town and up to the Meadows and is the approximate half way mark of the race.

The Pemberton Cheer Section will be held at the Pemberton and District Community Centre, where there will be a big screen to watch the full race. There will also be plenty of activities on the day to keep everyone entertained.

For a map of the full race and to see where the riders pass through Pemberton, check out the official site.