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What is it Like to Live in Pemberton?

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living in pemberton

Pemberton is an authentic mountain town just north of Whistler in British Columbia. Famed for its arable farmland and organic produce, it sits against an incredible backdrop of mountain vistas and beautiful lakes.

The town itself lies in a very flat valley, with mountains on all sides. The summers are hot and the winters are cold and snowy. Here everyone is friendly and there is always something to do.

So, what’s it like to live in Pemberton?


There is a real community feel to life in Pemberton. All the locals know each other and you immediately feel welcome. There are regular events such as the farmer’s market during the summer, where you will always see a familiar face.

There are a number of community organisations and all those who live in Pemberton have a say in the livelihood of the town. Living here you will become part of a close nit community that looks after their own and welcomes all those new to the area.

Pemberton is also home to a number of popular schools which means that many people who moved to Whistler often choose to settle down in Pemberton.

lakes in pemberton


Where to start!? There are so many activities year round in Pemberton, whatever you enjoy doing. From skiing, snowboarding and sledding in the winter, to biking, hiking and horse-back riding in the Summer.

The lakes in the area are perfect for water sports and also provide some incredibly beautiful camping spots. There are just too many activities to list so you can find more information on the Tourism Pemberton site.


Pemberton is blessed with very typical seasons – hot summers, cold snowy winters, beautiful springs and crisp (but often rainy) autumns. Having such typical seasons is probably a contributing factor to the rich farmland in the area.

Many aspects of Pemberton focus around farming and it is one of the things that makes the area famous. Tourism stems from the incredible natural beauty along with the chance to get outdoors and also enjoy some wonderful organic produce.



Properties in Pemberton range from condos and one bedrooms to huge standalone properties with acreages. With horse riding and breeding popular in Pemberton you will also find that many of the larger properties come complete with stables and training areas.

There are homes here for everyone and when compared to neighbouring towns you can definitely get more bang for your buck. Check out some of the most impressive Pemberton homes HERE.