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What is the Pemberton Lifestyle?

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For many who decide to live in Pemberton it is a lifestyle choice. Whether moving from Whistler, Vancouver, or even further afield, it is in search of a certain way of life.

But what is the Pemberton lifestyle?

A real mountain town

One of things that differentiates Pemberton from neighbouring Whistler is tourism. While both are beautiful mountain towns, Pemberton locals would have you know that there is no feeling of living in a resort unlike in Whistler.

As a result of less tourism (and traffic), Pemberton has a much quieter feel, giving a slightly more relaxed lifestyle. It maintains a remote feel, while still not actually being that far from Whistler and Vancouver.

The area has an incredible landscape with scenic views on all sides and after visiting it is very easy to see the appeal of the place.


The Pemberton community is really special, and at the risk of using stereotypes, it truly is one of those places where everyone knows everyone.

The people are incredibly diverse in both age, culture and history, with a strong native population as well. Pemberton is safe and welcoming and a great place to raise a family. Local kids are free to play and adventure wherever they choose with parents knowing they will be safe.

When returning to the area it really does feel like coming home, whether you’ve been to Whistler or further afield. Many locals say that once you have settled you will not look back and your family will stay locals forever.

Another thing visitors may notice is the plethora of local businesses and shops – it feels like everything is owned and operated by locals, from the shops to the restaurants and cafes.

Day to day life

Day to day life in Pemberton is fairly relaxed. The village lies in the valley below the impressive Mt. Currie, meaning that wherever you live you are blessed with incredible views.

The area is lucky to experience true, distinct seasons with temperatures rising into the high 30s in the summer, yet still never getting too cold in winter.

There are tons of activities in Pemberton all year round, and always something to keep yourself occupied with. It is very much an outdoor town with biking, hiking and golf in the summer, along with ski touring, sledding and more during the winter.


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