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What Makes Pemberton the Best Place to Live?

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British Columbia has always been a much loved destination for travellers all over the world. After all, it is known as “Beautiful” British Columbia and if one thing’s certain, it lives up to that name!

There are so many wonderful parts of BC, which is why so many people choose to place their roots here. As Realtor’s we meet hundreds of people every year from all over the world who have chosen to move here.

With so many places to choose from it’s hard to say where’s best. But out of all the locations Pemberton is pretty close to perfect.

So what does make Pemberton the best place to live?


Located just a 30 minute drive north of Whistler, Pemberton’s location is a one of its biggest selling points.

A small town surrounded by beautiful mountains, not too far away from civilisation, is what makes Pemberton the perfect place for those wanting to settle down.

Pemberton is known for its farming and delicious organic foods. Its location is what makes this possible, with acres of rich farmland providing opportunities for great produce which are sold year round. Why not check out North Arm Farm to get an idea of the food on offer!


There is so much to do in Pemberton all year round. Whatever your interests, there will always be something to keep you entertained.

The summer offers wonderful hikes, horseback riding, warm lakes, and a plethora of sporting activities. There are also farmer’s markets and festivals throughout the summer, offering something for all the family.

When winter comes and snow falls Pemberton becomes a winter wonderland, but that doesn’t mean that the activities stop. Quite the opposite in fact as locals head to the backcountry for skiing, snowboarding and sledding!

Pemberton loves winter so much that it even holds its own festival celebrating the season!


The community is what really makes Pemberton the best place to live. A small population of around 2000 means that everyone knows each other and you are never far from a familiar face.

A walk through the town will be met with smiles and welcoming conversation, whether you are a local or just visiting. The summer market is case in point where everyone comes together to share their love of all things local.

Pemberton Real Estate

Now we come to housing in Pemberton. There is so much to offer, whether you’re looking for a small condo, a townhouse or land to build on (something which Pemberton has a lot of!).

Pemberton’s real estate market is much more affordable than that of neighbouring Whistler and offers homes to suit everyone.

Check out our current listings here – you might even find your dream home!