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What Pemberton Buyers are Looking for

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Pemberton Buyers

Every buyer has different expectations when it comes to looking for a home, but there are a few similarities many of them share. We spoke to our Realtors about what buyers in Pemberton are typically looking for in the market. Below are a few things that came top of mind: 

Storage Space

If there’s one thing most Pemberton buyers agreed on, it’s the need for storage space. Everyone looking to live in Pemberton tends to love the outdoor lifestyle and everything that comes with it.

Whether it’s snowmobiling, mountain biking, skiing or snowboarding, people in Pemberton have a lot of toys and need somewhere to put them! Properties with garages and extra closets, shelves or ceiling racks always jump out for potential buyers.

Great Views

It goes without saying that if you have a Pemberton property you will have some incredible views right out your window. Mt Currie is visible from pretty much everywhere in the Village. So if you have a particularly special view of the mountains from your windows or gardens, your property will definitely catch the eyes of buyers.

Updated Kitchen Appliances

One of the first rooms buyers go to when viewing a property is the kitchen. This means that along with the outside of the house, this is the room that creates their first impression of your home. Old appliances will turn most people away because they don’t want to be responsible for replacing them. Updated kitchen appliances will help create a great first impression of your property.

Additional Bedrooms

Even if the buyer is just looking for a place they can live by themselves, they will no doubt be thinking about their future. A lot of people move to Pemberton specifically to start a family, so having additional bedrooms will be a great plus.

A Dedicated Laundry Room

One interesting thing we’ve learned from our buyers is that properties with a dedicated laundry room really do stand out. Previously it was laundry closets, but a separate room away from the main living area which includes shelves and storage really stands out.

Efficient Heating and Cooling

Weather in Pemberton goes from very cold in the winter to very warm in the summer, so having a property that can deal with both ends of the spectrum is essential. Efficient heating is a must for the winter months, and as summer rolls in the property needs to stay cool with good ventilation and potentially even fans and AC.

For more information about properties in Pemberton, get in touch with one of our local Realtors.


Main Image: 1312 Eagle Drive in Pemberton, B.C.
Listing Agent: Danielle Menzel

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