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Who Lives in Pemberton?

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A short 20-minute drive north past Whistler on the Sea to Sky highway, nestled in a picturesque valley, is the village of Pemberton.

Pemberton is known as the “gateway to adventure” to those who live there, because of the surrounding mountains and lakes. With a growing population of 2,400 people, the Pemberton community knows all about the activities on offer, from hiking, fishing, backcountry skiing, mountain biking, kayaking, horseback riding, the list goes on.

In what can initially seem like a rather remote area, visitors often ask how locals came to live in Pemberton. We spoke to our local agents to find out exactly who lives there.

Moving to Pemberton

Pemberton’s population is a unique mix of people and cultures. Many families have called Pemberton their home for a lifetime, while others have recently moved to the village to access its natural beauty, diverse culture and budding industries.

It’s often said that Pemberton is where Whistlerites, and many other British Columbians, go when they grow up or decide change gears and raise a family. The community has multiple public schools for children, kindergarten to grade 12. Plus, the arts scene and rich selection of outdoor activities – smack-dab in the heart of supernatural BC – make Pemberton ideal for starting your family.

Escaping the grind

It’s also been said that the Pemberton Valley is the perfect place to escape from the grind of daily life. In this case, the escape is more of an adventure. Part of Pemberton’s draw, while it has been around for 100 years, is that the emerging town is full of opportunity, rivalling Sea to Sky neighbours, Whistler and Squamish. There is an eclectic mix of entrepreneurial ventures, including restaurants, tech companies, eco-tourism outfits and agricultural businesses, both old and new, among many others.

Its main agricultural commodities are potatoes, beef, horses and cereals, but along with the traditional agriculture industry, Pemberton is a leader in agri-tourism, which is a dynamic tourism industry that shows off the laid-back but hard working, community-geared lifestyle that the village is so proud of. Think bicycle tours and berry picking, distillery tours and the famous Pemberton Farmer’s Market.

Locals know what a diamond in the rough Pemberton is, but unlike diamonds, Pemberton is accessible and affordable. If you’re thinking of moving, consider Pemberton. It’s a welcoming and diverse community, with unbridled access to some of the most pristine wilderness our province has to offer; it won’t disappoint. Pemberton is an up-and-coming town that has it all: the location, the people and plenty of promise.

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