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Why Fall is the Best Time to Bike in Pemberton

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fall biking pemberton

Pemberton is a locals’ favourite when it comes to mountain biking. The area is known for having some incredible trails to suit all abilities.

Whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned pro, Pemberton has something to offer.

As we enter fall the weather is beginning to get colder and the rain is falling most days. For those looking for something to do despite the weather, you may be interested to know that fall is actually the best time to go biking in Pemberton. Here’s why:

The trails are prime

With the damper weather the trails are packed down and free from dust, creating the perfect conditions for riders to push hard and not worry about looseness.

There are a huge variety of trails in Pemberton including both singletrack and downhill, with runs for all levels of rider. You can read more about biking in Pemberton and find out our Realtors’ favourite trailsHERE.

Fewer crowds

As we move into fall and the summer crowds begin to deplete before the winter rush, those who choose to head out on the trails will be pleased to have them pretty much to themselves.

There are so many trails to choose from that the chances of them being busy are incredibly slim and you can enjoy the feeling of discovery and remoteness.

pemberton mountain biking

Get out the house

Those who live in Pemberton know that when the rain comes in fall it is here to stay. You can expect at least a couple of months of rain and cloud before winter.

It’s no fun staying inside, and biking is the perfect way to get out the house. Stay active during these rainy months and have fun on the trails.

A great time to learn

With fewer crowds and the trails in perfect condition, this is a fantastic time to learn or perfect your bike skills.

If you’ve never tried mountain biking then head out during fall and get into the swing of things. You couldn’t have chosen a better place to learn!

mountain biking pemberton fall

Beautiful scenery

As the leaves change and the mountain peaks get a dusting of snow you can bask in the beautiful scenery that Pemberton has to offer. Heading out to more remote trails will reward you with spectacular views and more photo opportunities than you can take advantage of!

Biking in Pemberton provides access to an incredible landscape and you can be sure to have an unforgettable experience.