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Why Pemberton is the Perfect ‘Work from Home’ Location

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A major knock-on effect of COVID-19 is the adoption of remote working by almost every business. Prior to the start of the year, a very small number of companies were receptive to staff working from home. However, since being forced to adapt during the shutdown, most have reported little to no drops in productivity. 

This is great news for those looking to entertain the idea of continuing to work from home while relocating to a more desirable area. People living and working in areas such as Vancouver and Squamish are now able to consider areas further afield while still keeping their jobs!

With its natural beauty and relaxed pace of life, Pemberton is the perfect choice for those looking to escape the city, and here are the top reasons why:


Located just a short 20 minute drive north from Whistler and a scenic 158km from Vancouver, Pemberton gives you the feeling of mountain living while never really being too far from a major city. Life in Pemberton is perfect for those looking to be in nature, surrounded by mountains and away from the crowds of somewhere like Whistler or Vancouver. 


As housing costs continue to rise throughout the province, Pemberton offers a wide range of housing options at more affordable prices than neighbouring areas. As a result, it is an incredibly popular location with young people, which often comes as a surprise to those unfamiliar with the area.

With the shift to remote working, buyers are looking for properties with additional home office space, and Pemberton offers more bang for your buck when it comes to property size.

Outdoor Activities

The Pemberton Valley is a hub of outdoor recreation. With winding forest trails only a few minutes from your backyard that will take you to another world it offers the perfect place to hike, run, bike, and explore. Pemberton also has two golf courses, several lakes and rivers, an airport that provides helicopter access for adventures such as heli-skiing, heli-touring, gliding, and much more! Now that you’ve put in the physical effort, it’s time to reward yourself with a drink! Thankfully Pemberton has a growing variety of shops and quality dining experiences to curb your appetite and satisfy your patio needs. 


Pemberton is one of those communities that will immediately make you feel at home. As we’ve already mentioned there is a growing young population with lots of young families. This also means it’s made Pemberton a popular destination for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to set up shop.  Everyone here is an active member of the community and has a welcoming presence.

When social distancing allows it there are weekly farmers’ markets where you will always see friendly faces. Being such a small area it takes no time at all to make friends and settle in. 


Working remotely in Pemberton will offer the perfect work-life balance, allowing you to make the most of your free time. Here you’re already in nature, you just have to walk out your door. The pace of life is also slower than the city and you will find yourself relaxing and enjoying every moment – while still having access to great internet so you can work uninterrupted. Pemberton also offers those who are interested in hobby farming a great chance to get started with plenty of land available. Lots of places offer a large amount of space for you to have a vegetable patch of your own, while the area as a whole has several farms that allow you to purchase your produce locally. 


For more information about moving to Pemberton, get in touch with one of our local Realtors.