Community Activities

Pemberton is known for having incredible activities all year round. From sledding and backcountry skiing in the winter, to biking and hiking in the summer. No matter what your interests you are sure to find something.

Whether its spring, summer, autumn or winter, there is never a shortage of things to do. Every month brings something different from sporting events to festivals, and a huge array of activities to keep you entertained.

One benefit of living in one of the most arable areas is the vast amount of fresh produce available, which is available at markets throughout the year. Or, if you’re feeling especially adventurous you can even pick it yourself during certain months!

There is so much to do in Pemberton and we’re here to help make you a part of the community. Find out more information about what’s on offer below.

  • Summer Activities

    From mountain biking and hiking, to swimming and camping. Pemberton has tons of summer activities to offer.

  • Winter Activities

    It's not just Whistler that has all the fun! Pemberton has some incredible winter activities to choose from including ice climbing and some of the best backcountry on offer.

  • Year-Round Activities

    There is always something to do in Pemberton no matter what the season or your interests. Find out more about what's happening year round.